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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gardens-from Kabul to Chapel Hill

Dry dusty and yellow Kabul actually has some great walled gardens...often roses but today I saw a whole line of sunflowers (in front of the Uzbek embassy).

This reminded me I forgot to post pictures of my Chapel Hill vegetable garden.

It was an experimental garden this year, I planted lots to see what would flourish. The cucumbers did well, the tomato and aubergine grew like wildfire but never fruited, and I sowed the carrots, leaks and spring onions too close together. A couple of months ago I planted a few pumpkins and said "go for it" and they really have. They have just run rampant over the whole garden...which is fine. If they fruit they'll make 100lb pumpkins in the fall.

The other pic shows the first two peppers harvested - they will be lovingly hung from the rafters.


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