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Friday, July 14, 2006

Beirut, Henrik and apologies

Apologies for such a gap in postings. Much has occurred in my absence - all of which I shall follow up on.

1. I am writing up my review of the proposed Lebanese electoral system...when I was in Beirut a week ago it was beautiful and calm, now my friends can't even leave the city.

The photos illustrate two sides of Lebanon. One is of my IFES friends relaxing on a beach last week south of Beirut (later on this day we watched England get knocked out of the world cup in a beach cafe). The other is of the crater in downtown Beirut left by the bomb that killed Hariri and 30 others last year.

2. Layna and I had a wonderful hiking/running/kayaking with the orcas trip to the San Juan Islands off Washington State.

3. Henrik had his best round for months yesterday in the John Deere classic in Illinois. At 4 under par he was 3 off the lead and in a healthy position to make the cut for the second week in a row. Praying he holds it all together today!


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