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Friday, June 09, 2006

Bjornstad v. Reynolds (2)

We return to our weekly Bjornstad v. Reynolds golf head to head.

As you will recall (from posting on May 18) we take my score from the current week and compare that against Henrik's Thursday round in whatever tournament he is playing (this week the Barclays Classic in New York). Then we take into account our handicaps (me: 6, Henrik +2-- Although after some complaints from the viewing public I have agreed from now on to change Henrik's handicap to scratch (i.e., 0) to give him a better chance).

I won the first challenge (me: 6 over par, Henrik just 1 under).

This week:

June 07, 2006
Course: Finley, UNC
Par: 72
My score: 75 (+3)

June 08, 2006
Course: Westchester Country Club, NY
Par: 71
Henrik's score: 73 (+2)

Not even close this week littlebear.
Reynolds 2
Bjornstad 0

(I must remind readers of how much more challenging this competition is for Bjornstad, see deails in May 18th post :)


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