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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Henrik versus Me

Okay, a new competition to watch as American Idol goes off the air. It may not have 50 million viewers as yet but I have high hopes that it will spread like bird flu among the viewing public on both sides of the Atlantic (and of course in Palau which remains one of my chief constitutional design cases for my new book Doctors of Design, Sultans of Systems: Seeing the ailing nation through the eyes of the medicine man (forthcoming when written)).

The competition is this - each week I shall post my score and Henrik has to beat it in his Thursday round. Now Henrik is a lot younger (do I hear 'a lot better/more attractive'?) than I so we shall play with our handicaps. I play off 6, and Henrik (being a professional) I estimate plays off +2 (that means he should shoot two under par for a given round). Therefore on a par 72 course I should shoot 78 and Henrik should shoot 70 - if we did it would be a tie. If he shoots 9 or lower than I then he wins that week.

Now there are some obvious riders:
1. Henrik doesn't know we are playing (advantage Henrik, less pressure).
2. Henrik plays courses which are much longer, much harder, and much more tricky than I do (advantage me).
3. I only have to play in front of three people max - [oh hold on, so does Henrik -- Ola, Jan-Erik and the guy from the country club in Charlotte] (its a wash).
4. Henrik gets to practice all the time whereas I only get to practice 3/4 times a week (advantage Henrik).
5. Henrik isn't unhinged (advantage me).
6. Henrik rarely gets to take mulligans under official PGA rules (advantage me).

So, we begin:

May 17, 2006
Course: Chapel Hill Country Club, NC
Par: 72
My score: 78 (+6)

May 18, 2006
Course: Colonial Country Club, TX
Par: 70
Henrik's score: 69 (-1)

Ooohhh so close. Unlucky littlebear.

Reynolds 1
Bjornstad 0


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