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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol-5 remain

An up and down show last night, the judges patter is getting tired and Ryan needs to do something new with simon, he's losing me.

Elliott: Pretty mediocre this week, first song was too trembly, second was too boring and unfamiliar. Is it finally his week to go home? For someone who looks like a Mossad agent he's gone a surprisingly long way.

Paris: First song was really a bit weird but the second one was very strong. I thought the second time at bat kept her in the competition. Plus the SNTV electoral system which discriminates against minorities (when there are multiple candidates and they are splitting the vote) doesn't hurt her when she's the only African American left in the race.

My Katie (shown): Alright, so I'll admit, the first song was not great - was she nervous? Lost Focus? Who knows...but what i do know is that she doesn't look like Phil Collins...Phil Collins is not what I think of when my katie appears (self-censoring here). But the second song was SO good. Well sung, sassy, different. If she goes tonight I'll be shocked.

Chris: Look (said in a very South African way) This is what he does - he does hard/classic rock and he does it well. If the constituency is there he's not going home.

Taylor: "Play that funky music white boy"? Well, he got away with the first song and then (despite much nervousness on our part) he performed the only major Beatles song to be written by George Harrison very nicely. Quality entertainment.

Paula drunkeness meter: Blue-Not high

Who is going home?: I have to say Elliott, but who knows at this stage.


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