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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol (#1)

As we enter the final half dozen shows of this season's Idol I am reticent about boring you with the evolution of my intense interest in the show but I've been a loyal follower in the US since season two (sometime in the 1970s). But I was really gripped by the bug in New Zealand in 2000 watching the UK forerunner 'Pop Stars" where the whole format (1 nice judge, 1 nasty judge, 1 drunk judge) was honed.

Over previous seaons I have railed against the voting system (effectively SNTV) and how it discriminates against minorities, supported Fantasia and hated (in no particular order) John Stevens, Ace, and Kevin...and been left baffled by how ugly democracy looks in practice (maybe I need a new line of work?).

Tuesday nights are spent at John's house shouting at the TV and making cutting, yet inappropriate, comments.

So - this season we are left with six.

Katherine McPhee - Ignore what I say about Mcphee bc I have the mcpheever bad and I have no critical judgement when it comes to her - there is a running debate in Carrboro about why I have this sickness but no one has yet come up with a satisfactory answer. Last night my Katie was fine...she looked amazing (great hair) and while the judges hated her (for once I have to part company with my man Simon) she still sang her heart out. I'm a little worried she might go but its too awful to countainence.

Elliot is actually a good singer - if you close your eyes and just listen when he sings you'll like him much more - he was ok last night - I hope he doesn't go, but he might.

The Pickle has been awful two weeks in a row and the hair was a DISASTER last night (an ACE level of hair misjudgement) but you know what, it doesnt matter, she can sing like a donkey and still get 117 million votes. Her baseline constituency is huge.

Paris was is always solid. Very Dionne Warwick like last night...but to me she just doesn't have the pizazz of a Fantasia (or Mandisa for that matter).

Taylor - the thing with Taylor is you just have to get with it at the end...he is always awesome at the end - it wasn't the greatest song for him (he can't do Joe Cocker all the time) but I'd be shocked if he goes tonight.

Chris - he wasn't bad - he played to his fan base and will do ok. Once again I'd be shocked if he goes...but...we'll see.

Bottom three?: Elliot, Pickler and Katie (but there is no way Pickler is going home).

Idol on Fox


At 5:11 PM, Anonymous John said...

before the results are in, I have to say that I think it will be the blonde Pickle going home tonight. Two weeks of vocal butchery is plenty.


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